Begin the implementation of this solution by deploying VMware Aria Automation.


Verify that your environment fulfills the prerequisites for the deployment of VMware Aria Automation.
Prerequisite Value


  • Verify that your environment is configured according to Before You Apply This Guidance and the Private Cloud Automation tab of the VMware Cloud Foundation Planning and Preparation Workbook.
  • Verify that the default vSphere cluster in the management domain has the following available resources for the VMware Aria Automation cluster deployment:
    • 36 vCPU
    • 126 GB Memory
    • 738 GB Storage
  • Verify that the management domain vCenter Server is operational.
  • Verify that the VI workload domain vCenter Server and NSX Manager instances are operational.
  • Verify that VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle in the first VMware Cloud Foundation instance is operational and data collection from the management domain vCenter Server instance is running successfully.
  • Verify that the cross-instance NSX segment is available for the deployment.
  • Verify that the clustered Workspace ONE Access deployment managed by VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle is operational.
Software Verify that the VMware Aria Automation product binary is available in VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle.
License Verify that you obtained licensing for VMware Aria Automation that satisfies the requirements of this solution and the quantity for your environment.
Active Directory
  • Verify that the required Active Directory user accounts are created.
  • Verify that the required Active Directory security groups are created.
  • Verify that the required Active Directory security group memberships are set with the required user accounts.
Workspace ONE Access Verify that the required Active Directory directories are configured with Active Directory over LDAPS. This configuration ensures that the Active Directory users and groups for use by VMware Aria Automation are synchronized to the clustered Workspace ONE Access deployment.
Certificate Authority This solution uses Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services for Certificate Authority and the CertGenVVS tool for the creation of certificates. However, this tool supports generating certificate signing requests (CSRs) for third party certificate authorities for import to the VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle locker.
  • Verify that the Active Directory Certificate Authority is available for the environment.
  • Download the CertGenVVS tool and generate the signed certificate for VMware Aria Automation with subject alternative names that include the FQDN of the cluster and each node. See Certificate Generation Utility for VMware Validated Solutions.