VMware HCX abstracts on-premises versus cloud notions and presents capabilities to virtual machines as a continuous hybrid cloud.

Business Use Cases

  • Modernization of mission-critical application infrastructure with a minimal operational overhead, without requiring a retrofit of your legacy infrastructure.
  • Coherent migration of hundreds of virtual machines, bi-directionally, in parallel, on a secure high-performance overlay, over an existing WAN, VPN, or private lines.

Technical Capabilities

  • Secure interconnection of vSphere-based SDDCs on-premises and in the cloud by providing encrypted tunnel connections.
  • Metro-stretching of vSphere-based L2 networks across interconnected SDDCs.
  • Optimizing SDDC interconnection network traffic by providing techniques like deduplication and compression.
  • vMotion of VMs across SDDCs.
  • Scheduled bulk migrations of VMs between HCX-connected SDDCs.
  • Scheduled data center failover/migrations with vSphere Replication as an enabling technology.