VCPS uses REST APIs to make HTTP requests to the server and to retrieve information from the server. You can use VCPS APIs to automate workflows within your code.

You will use HTTP GET requests to retrieve information, POST and PUT requests to create or modify data, and DELETE request to delete an object.

Use the Get Status API call to get the status of any task.

After a bring-up operation, you can use the validation API to validate the task. Use the Get Validation Status API to get the status of the validation.

List of Supported REST APIs

The following table lists the tasks that you can perform with the VCPS APIs. For PUT and POST requests, you must provide the required information in the body of the email.

Table 1. VCPS APIs
Task Method URL
Log in POST https://{{server_ip}}:9443/api/v1/session
Get Status GET https://{{server_ip}}:9443/api/v1/tasks/1/status
Put SDDC Spec PUT https://{{server_ip}}:9443/api/v1/sddc
Bring-up POST https://{{server_ip}}:9443/api/v1/sddc
Add Host POST https://{{server_ip}}:9443/api/v1/sddc/{{sddc_id}}/cluster/{{cluster_name}}/hosts
Remove Host DELETE https://{{server_ip}}:9443/api/v1/sddc/{{sddc_id}}/hosts/{{hostname}}
Add Cluster POST https://{{server_ip}}:9443/api/v1/sddc/1/clusters/{{cluster_name}}
Remove Cluster DELETE https://{{server_ip}}:9443/api/v1/sddc/1/clusters/{{cluster_name}}

The following sections provide detailed information and example requests and responses.