After configuring the Orchestrator and Mega-POP VMs, and Stage-1 tasks are complete, the VCPS bits are available in the S3 repository. VMware will then trigger Stage-2 from the Mega-POP VM.


  • Set the stage parameter to both in the params.json file.
  • Set the Stage-2 value in
  • The server.registry file at /data/vcps/server.registrymust have the following information:
    "profileStatus": {
      "serverProfile1": {
        "fetchDetails": {
          "bringupSpecPath": "/data/runtime/serverProfile1/bringup_spec.json"


  • Run the following commands to trigger Stage-2 validation:
    # hconcli pipeline validation create
    # hconcli pipeline validation trigger -init_spec_path=/data/vcps/params.json