Bring-up refers to process wherein the SDDC Manager completes all the necessary configuration and set up of VMs to deploy the software components.

To initiate and complete the bring-up process, the Stage-1 and Stage-2 testing and validation must be completed.

The Orchestrator VM and the Mega-POP VM must be set up in both the stages. Stage-2 testing and validation can occur only after Stage-1 testing and validation is completed.

To set up the VMs, you must download the following files from the AWS S3 repository:
  • Contains configuration information about server profiles, path to AWS keys, paths to specification files, HCB registry paths, and so on.
  • params.json: Includes information about the flags and parameters that determine various conditions in the testing and validation process. The params.json file is passed as a parameter when is executed.
  • vcps-hcon- When you download and install the rpm file, will be downloaded in the /data folder in the Orchestrator VM.

The command will trigger the init pipeline. The init pipeline will trigger the Master Orchestrator (MO), which is responsible to copy the binaries from Stage-1 to Stage-2.

The following sections describe the setting up of the VMs for Stage-1 and Stage-2 testing and validation.