VMware periodically sends notifications to keep you informed of upcoming maintenance and other events that impact your VMware Cloud on AWS service.

The notification gateway provides a central integration point for all customer-facing notifications from VMware Cloud on AWS. The notification gateway is designed to keep you up-to-date on Day 2 operations events and service updates, including maintenance notifications, Elastic DRS Add Host events, subscription expiration reminders, and VMware Site Recovery notifications. You can find a list of all notifications in Notifications Available from VMware Cloud on AWS.

The notification channels that are available include email, VMC Console, vSphere Client, the Activity Log UI, and VMware Log Insight Cloud.

Outages and other service-wide events are reported on the VMware Cloud Services status page. See View and Subscribe to the Service Status Page for more information.

Notifications for events such as SDDC deployment, removal, upgrades, and maintenance are included in the Activity Log. See View the Activity Log.

For events such as customer-specific outages, upgrades, and maintenance, VMware also sends email notifications to all organization owners and organization members. To ensure that you receive these email notifications, add donotreply@vmware.com to your email allow list.