You have a number of options for getting help and support in using your VMware Cloud on AWS environment.


  1. Before you contact VMware for support, have the support information for your SDDC ready.
    1. Log in to the VMC Console at
    2. Click View Details on the SDDC card.
    3. Click Support to view the support information.
  2. Select a method for getting help or support.




    Click the help icon and click Chat with VMware Support. Type your message in the chat window. You can include images by dragging them into the chat window.

    File a support request

    Click the help icon and click Support Requests. You are taken to the Cloud services console. Click Support Center to file a support request.

    View contextual help

    Click the help icon . Browse the topics under the Help Topics heading, or type a question or keywords in the Type your question here field to search the available topics.

    Ask a question in the forums

    Click the help icon and click Ask the Community. You can post questions and discuss the product with other users in these forums.