VMware provides a broad array of learning resources tailored to the needs of anyone who wants to know more about VMware Cloud on AWS and how you can use it to meet your business needs.

Use the VMware Cloud Launchpad

The Launchpad provides technical details on how you can use VMware products and solutions to achieve business outcomes. The Launchpad is available to anyone, whether or not you are logged in to VMware Cloud on AWS. It includes detailed technical information, relevant tools, and tested workflows for VMware Hybrid Cloud solutions and infrastructure.

Familiarize Yourself With the VMware Cloud Tech Zone

The VMware Cloud Tech Zone provides a broad range of technical materials for all technical levels designed to help you understand how VMware Cloud on AWS can help you achieve your business objectives. This material focusses on "why" rather then "how to," and includes introductions to new features, design guides, Designlets, and references to VMware hands-on labs.

View the VMware Cloud on AWS Release Notes

Check the VMware Cloud on AWS Release Notes page frequently to review the available features and when they were released, as well as links to additional information or requirements to use them.

Review the VMware Cloud on AWS Service Level Agreement and Support Policy

The Service Level Agreement (SLA) defines those VMware Cloud on AWS service components that have an availability commitment and provides details of that commitment. I includes a legal definition of the scope of our responsibilities in providing you with a cloud service, and outlines the division of responsibilities between you and VMware.

The Support Policy defines our weekday global support for cloud deployments.

An understanding of these document can be helpful when you need to Get Support.