The on-premises end of your L2VPN requires a specially configured standalone NSX Edge appliance called the Autonomous Edge. You must download, install, and configure this appliance and related on-premises vSphere networking before you can create an L2VPN.

Before you can create an L2VPN, you must download and configure a standalone NSX Edge appliance. See Configure Layer 2 VPN Extended Segment. You cannot use your on-premises NSX-T Edge as the client side of an L2VPN that connects to your SDDC.


  1. Download the standalone NSX Edge.
    On the L2VPN page, click AUTONOMOUS EDGE DOWNLOAD to download the autonomous standalone NSX-T Edge as an OVF file.
  2. See Add an Autonomous Edge as an L2 VPN Client in the NSX-T Data Center Administration Guide for information about how to install and configure the Autonomous Edge in your on-premises vCenter Server.