Complete the configuration of the compute gateway networking by creating logical segments for VM networking, configuring security groups and setting compute gateway firewall rules, and setting DNS. You can also request public IP addresses for VMs, configure NAT, configure an extended network and layer 2 VPN, and set distributed gateway firewall rules.


  1. Create a logical segment: Create a Logical Network Segment.

    Your SDDC starts with a default logical segment, but you can create additional segments for VM networking.

  2. Consider the security groups you want to create. See Add a Security Group

    You can use security groups to set firewall rules for the compute gateway. See Set NSX Edge Compute Gateway Firewall Rules.

  3. Set compute gateway DNS: Set a Compute Gateway DNS.
  4. (Optional) Request a public IP address for a VM: Request a Public IP Address.
  5. (Optional) Configure NAT settings: Configure NAT Settings
  6. (Optional) Configure an extended network and layer 2 VPN: Create a Layer 2 VPN.
  7. (Optional) Set distributed gateway firewall rules: Set Distributed Firewall Rules.