In the Rack section of the Order VMware Cloud on Dell EMC SDDC form, you can specify a rack configuration, which complies with any of your certified onsite racks that you want to use for reracking.

However, the rack that you want to use must meet one of the following minimum depth requirements:
  • Minimum 36 inches to maximum 41 inches
  • Minimum 42 inches to maximum 46 inches
  • 47 inches and more

After you place the order, the rack is built based on your specifications and shipped to your location. The hardware components are then removed from the rack and reloaded on your onsite rack.


  1. Log in to the VMware Cloud Services Console at
  2. Launch the VMware Cloud on Dell EMC service.
  3. Expand your SDDC and click Continue Order.
    The SDDC order form opens at the section where you last left.
  4. Under Select SDDC deployment type, select the Order a VMware Cloud on Dell EMC Configuration to be racked onsite onto your certified rack check box.
  5. Under Select an on-site racking model, provide the following information:
    1. Model Depth: Select the onsite rack depth.
    2. Rack Model (Optional): Provide the name and number of the existing rack model.
    3. Special Instructions (Optional): Provide any special instructions pertaining to the rack.
  6. Under Select a rack configuration, review the rack configurations, and select one of the following:
    • Single-phase configuration
    • Three-phase configuration
  7. Power Source Location: Select Ceiling or Floor based on where your power source is located.
    If the distance between the power source location and your hardware is more than four feet, you must provide an extension cord.
  8. Physical requirements: Review the physical and logical requirements of your onsite rack.
  9. Select the I have read and acknowledge the needed requirements and conditions for my onsite rack deployment check box.
  10. Under Data center space requirements, review and confirm that you meet the rack requirements at your location by selecting following the check boxes:
    • Certified rack space
    • Power
    • Environment
  11. Click Save and Continue.

What to do next

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