You can deploy a virtual machine from an OVF template in a local or subscribed content library.


You must have a Content Library containing the OVF template you want to use.


  1. Select Deploy from template and click Next.
  2. Select the template to deploy.
  3. Proceed through the New Virtual Machine wizard, using the following settings.
    1. For the VM folder, select Workloads, Templates, or another folder that you have write permissions on.
    2. For the compute resource, select Compute-ResourcePool.
    3. For the datastore, select workloadDatastore.
  4. On the Select networks page, enter an IP address in the IP address field.
    The IP Allocation Settings on this page show only the Static IP option, even if the logical network you have selected uses DHCP. You must enter something into the IP address field to proceed in the wizard. If DHCP is enabled, the VM deploys with DHCP.
  5. Review the VM settings and click Finish.