The VMware Cloud services platform is a web-based application that supports any number of VMware cloud services. When you sign up for VMware Cloud services, you access your services and manage all your users, organizations, and payment methods through this one intuitive platform.

8 February 2019

Federated Identity Management

As an enterprise using VMware Cloud Services, you can set up federation with your corporate domain. Federating your corporate domain allows you to use your organization's single sign-on and identity source to sign in to VMware Cloud Services. Federated identity management allows you to control authentication to your organization and its services by assigning organization and service roles to your enterprise groups. See what's involved in setting up a federated identity and how to manage enterprise groups.

21 October 2018

Language and Regional Format

We have begun support for language and regional format settings.

We are currently supporting Japanese with the region Japan for onboarding cloud services, Cloud Services platform features such as Identity & Access Management, Billing & Subscriptions, and some areas of the Support Center, and also for VMware VMC on AWS pages. We will soon roll out support for additional cloud services and other languages.

You can change your display language before you onboard our cloud services, or in your account settings where you can also set your regional format. See How Do I Change My Language and Regional Format.

Group Management

As an organization owner with a federated account, you can manage role access for enterprise groups within the VMware Cloud Services Console. You can assign roles, edit roles, and remove access from services and roles. See Managing Enterprise Groups.

Pay by Invoice

VMware Cloud services now support the pay by invoice payment method which allows you to pay for your services in arrears. To set up pay by invoice, contact your VMware sales representative, or create a support request in the Support Center.

Multiple API Tokens

You can now generate multiple API tokens per organization. To generate a token, click your user name and select My Account > API Tokens.

Display Page-Specific Help Topics

You can now access page-specific help topics by clicking the Help icon on the toolbar. You can also search for additional help content using the search box. To pin the panel in place while you continue working, click the pin in the top right corner. Extra helpful for when you need a little additional help when performing certain tasks.