The VMware Cloud service platform is a web-based application that supports any number of VMware cloud services. When you sign up for VMware Cloud services, you manage all your users, organizations, and payment methods through this one intuitive platform.


We are consistently improving the VMware Cloud service platform. In this release, we provide the following new features:

Consolidated Billing

VMware Cloud services now support consolidated billing. Use your VMware funds or a credit card as a payment method. You can also use VMware promotional credits that you have accrued. Choose your preferred VMware fund when you sign up for a service, or later on when you manage your payment methods. You can also view your current costs and a monthly billing statement.

See How Do I Manage Payment Methods and Billing.

Support Center

We are here to help you. Check out the new Support Center where you can let us know of any problems you might run into.

We have also created a Support role. While organization owners can automatically create and track support tickets, they can also assign the role of support person to one or more organization members so that they can create and track support tickets for the organization.

See How Do I Get Support.