The VMware Cloud service platform is a web-based application that supports any number of VMware cloud services. When you sign up for VMware Cloud services, you access your services and manage all your users, organizations, and payment methods through this one intuitive platform.


MFA is a security enhancement that requires you to present two pieces of evidence upon signing in; something you know such as your password, and something you have such as an application that generates a one-time passcode. MFA helps protect access to your data by adding an extra layer of security. For more information about using MFA, see How Do I Secure My Account Using Multi-Factor Authentication.

To secure your cloud account with MFA, you download an authentication application to your mobile device. We currently support Google Authenticator for iOS and Android, and Authenticator for Windows. To download the MFA app that supports your device, see What Two-Factor Authentication Application Can I Use?

Go to My Account > Security to set up MFA.


Our Console just got a whole lot more accessible. Access key administrative features from the new console menu bar.

  • Under Services, navigate to any of your services and also discover and sign-up for our additional cloud services.

  • Under Identity & Management invite users to your organization, give them roles to the organization's services, and manage their accounts.

  • Under Billing & Subscriptions view the current costs incurred by your organization and the last billing statement, and manage your payment methods and promotional credits.

  • Under Support Center search for an answer to a problem, or create a support request if you don't find an answer to your problem.

Access the Cloud Service Console at any time from the VMware Cloud Services menu.


Check out the My Account page. We bundled some old and familiar features such as your account information, and added a new Security tab for your password and MFA options, and an API Tokens tab in which you can generate and manage your API tokens. By the way, API tokens are not a new concept, we used to call them OAuth Refresh tokens.

Access the My Account page by clicking your user name and selecting My Account.