VMware Cloud services accounts are contained within organizations. VMware Cloud uses organizations to provide controlled access to one or more services. You must belong to an organization before you can access a cloud service.

If you are an organization owner, you have access to all the resources of the organization. You add cloud services to your organization, and then invite users. You manage the organization's payment methods and the organization's user accounts. If you hold the role of organization member, you have limited access to the organization's resource.

To see what you can do within your organization with your role, see How do I manage roles and permissions.

Your Active Organization

When you sign in to VMware Cloud services, the organization you are logged into is displayed under your user name on the menu bar of the Cloud Services Console.

If you belong to more than one organization, you can switch from the active organization to another of your organizations at any given time. You can also select which of your organizations is displayed by default when you sign in.

View the Organization ID

Each organization has a unique ID. You may need to use this ID when interacting with external command-line interfaces such as the VMware Container Engine CLI. You can view the organization ID by clicking your user name. A shortened version of the ID is displayed under the organization name. Click the ID to display the full organization ID.

Display the Organization Settings

You can display the organization name and ID by clicking your user name, and selecting View Organization.

If you are an organization owner, you can change the display name of the organization.

Depending on your customer profile, you might also view and edit the country and zip/postal code, and add or edit the tag that you use when querying VMware APIs.