As an Organization Owner user, you can create new groups in your Organization and assign the group Organization and service roles. These groups are called custom groups.

For information about the permissions assigned with each Organization role, see How do I manage roles and permissions. For information about the permissions assigned with service roles, see the documentation for the service.


  1. On the Cloud Services Console, select Identity & Access Management > Groups.
  2. Click Add Groups.
  3. Select Create a new group and click Continue.
  4. Enter a name and a description for the group.
  5. If you want to share the group with other Organizations, click Add Organizations.
    1. Select the Organizations that you want to share the group with: either type the Organization ID for each Organization or make a selection from the list of Organizations displayed in the pop-up window.
    2. Click Add.
      Note: When you create a custom group that is shared, the Organization Owners of the associated Organizations can assign roles to the group in their Organization.
  6. Click Add Members to add members to your group, add then click Add.
    Members can be enterprise groups and users. You can choose to skip this step and add members after you have created the group.
  7. Assign the group access to the Organization by selecting an Organization role.
  8. Assign the group access to services by clicking Add service access and selecting a service and the roles you want to assign to the group for this service.
  9. To add access to an additional service, click Add service access.
  10. Click Create.
    The group is added to the list of groups on the Identity & Access Management page.