Roles are assigned by users with the Organization Owner role. You will typically hold a role in the Organization and a role in one or more of the Organization's services. As an Organization Member user, you can request additional service roles for services available in your Organization and you can delete roles already assigned to you. To obtain additional service role access, your request must be approved by an Organization Owner.

For more information about Organization roles, see How do I manage roles and permissions.

Here's how you manage your service roles in the Organization:
  • To view your roles, see what access you have to services, and request additional roles, click your user name, and select My Account > My Roles.
  • To delete a service role or an additional Organization role you no longer need, click the service name to expand all roles you have for that service. After locating the service role you want to remove, click Delete Role. In order to take effect, your role deletion request must be approved by an Organization Owner.
  • To view past role requests, scroll down to the My Request History section of the page.
  • To request additional service roles for services already available in your Organization, click Request Roles and make a selection.

    The screenshot illustrates the drop-down menu for selecting additional service roles.

If you are a member of an Identity and Governance Administration (IGA) activated Organization, you have the additional option to request new Organization roles. For more information, see How Do I Request Roles in Governance Enabled Organizations.