As an Organization Owner user, you can brand and customize the VMware Cloud Services header to reflect your company's brand.

The custom VMware Cloud Services header that you create in this task is visible only to Organization Members accessing this particular Organization.


  • You must have an Organization Owner role.
  • You must be familiar with your company branding guidelines.


  1. Log in to Cloud Services Console and navigate to Organization > Details..
  2. In the Organization Customization section of the Organization details page, click Edit.
  3. In the Header Display Name text box, type the name you want to appear in your Organization instead of VMware Cloud Services.
  4. To upload your Organization logo for Light Theme, click Browse and select the image file from your local machine.
    Note: Only .svg files can be uploaded for logo images.
    The header logo for Dark Theme is set to Same as Light Theme by default. To upload a different image file for Dark Theme, deselect the Same as Light Theme checkbox, click Browse and select the image from your local machine.
    The Preview section refreshes to display the new color changes you made. You can revert the changes you made by clicking Restore Defaults.
  5. To modify the color palette for your Organization header for both Light Theme and Dark Theme:
    1. Click in the Header Background Color and Header Text Color text fields.
    2. Use the color selection tool to define the color for each entry.
  6. Click Save.
    The Preview section refreshes to display the new header logo.
  7. Refresh your service page to see the changes you made.