Updated on: 15 June 2022

VMware Cloud


What's New June 15, 2022

  • Settings for public/private connectivity for the Open NSX Manager button
    • A new toggle is introduced in SDDC settings tab that enables users to change and save their default settings of the Open NSX Manager button from via the Internet to via internal network for better performance and security. The feature is available for both VMware Cloud on AWS and VMware Cloud on Dell services.

What's New May 26, 2022

  • Google Cloud VMware Engine is offered through the VMware Cloud Universal program

    Google Cloud VMware Engine is now offered through the VMware Cloud Universal program and can be transacted through the VMware Cloud Console. By bringing Google Cloud VMware Engine, which combines the best of VMware compute, storage, network virtualization, and management technologies with Google Cloud’s next-gen infrastructure and networking, into VMware Cloud Universal, customers gain financial flexibility, choice, and speed to move to Google Cloud and modernize their applications according to their timeline. 

    VMware Cloud Universal customers can now connect their Google Cloud Platform (GCP) accounts, redeem subscriptions, and be billed for their Google Cloud VMware Engine usage through VMware:

    • Account connection – VMCU customers that are interested in consuming Google Cloud VMware Engine will connect their VMware account in the VMware Cloud Console to their GCP account by providing key pieces of information that will allow VMware and Google to identify the account as associated with the VMware Cloud Universal program
    • Redeem subscription – After connecting the relevant accounts, customers can redeem Google Cloud VMware Engine subscriptions through the VMware Cloud Console, or can go directly to the GCP console and consume the service on-demand
    • Billing – VMware Cloud Universal customers consuming Google Cloud VMware Engine will be billed for their Google Cloud VMware Engine usage via their VMware payment method based on their monthly consumption

Learn more about purchasing Google Cloud VMware Engine through the VMware Cloud Universal program and the benefits it adds to customers. 

What's New February 11, 2022

  • VMC support request submission process has moved from CSP to Connect Support, which is hosted on the VMware Customer Connect portal. This change aligns submission of support requests to the broader VMware organization. With this change, we obtain the following benefits:

  • Improved search capabilities, including KBs
  • Ability to take advantage of support focused tools
    • General digital experience improvements
    • Submitter can select what timezone they would like the ticket to be worked in
    • 24x5 support based on the submitters timezone (SRs submitted through web only)
    • 24x7 support for Severity 2 for Success 360 customers (SRs submitted through web only)
  • For more information, please refer to How Do I Get Support. Detailed instructions for submitting a Support Request can be found here.

What's New November 9, 2021

  • Tanzu Standard redeem on VMware Cloud Console

    • Ability to redeem Tanzu Standard subscription via the VMware Cloud console. VMware Universal customers will be able to purchase and redeem Tanzu Standard as part of the universal program and use it across different deployment providers. Tanzu Standard helps customers to simplify Kubernetes operation and management across multi-cloud infrastructure. It offers an enterprise-grade, open-source aligned Kubernetes runtime across on-premises, public clouds and edge, with a global control plane to help manage the entire Kubernetes footprint centrally and consistently. More information can be found here.

What's New September 2, 2021

  • You Can Now Purchase VMware Cloud DR instantaneously from the Purchase Online Page
    • With the streamlined end-to-end experience, you can access, learn, and deploy VCDR through the Purchase Online page and VMware Cloud Launchpad. It is the fastest and the easiest way to get both VMware Cloud on AWS and VMware Cloud DR. View the step-by-step guide in the blog post here.

What's New August 27, 2021

  • New Updates for VMware Cloud Launchpad
    • New solution – Cloud Management: Provides information on vRealize Cloud Universal. VMware Cloud Universal customers can access the vRCU subscription creation flow from Launchpad. 
    • New solution – Desktop: Provides an overview page, a step-by-step journey page that takes you through learn, plan, deploy phases, and a resource page that helps you learn about the solution.
    • VMware Cloud Foundation is now globally enabled for all customers: All VMware Cloud customers can discover and learn about VMware Cloud Foundation from Launchpad, which was previously only enabled for VMware Cloud Universal customers. If you are interested but do not have access VMware Cloud Foundation yet, you can leverage the contact sales form in the overview page.
    • New update for Kubernetes: You can now take advantage of updated content, which provides an overview of the Tanzu services you can use with VMware Cloud today. These services include vSphere 7 with Tanzu (in Preview), Tanzu Kubernetes Grid and Tanzu Mission Control. Customers who are part of the vSphere 7 with Tanzu preview on VMware Cloud, can enable a managed Kubernetes service through Launchpad. Customer with Application Modernization initiatives can take advantage of the VMware App Navigator content under Resources. 

What's New August 4, 2021

  • VMware Cloud Disaster RecoveryTM
    • Protect workloads running in VMware Cloud Foundation: Expand your DR strategy to include protection of your virtual machines running in VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF). See the VMware Product Interpretability Matrix for the latest information on interoperability of VMware Cloud DR with other other solutions.

What's New July 27, 2021

  • VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery is Now Available Through Launchpad
    • You can find VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery as a solution in Launchpad today. The solution includes an overview page, a journey page that takes you through every step of the learn, plan, and try processes, and a resource page that provides technical documents, demo videos, hands-on lab, and tools for you to learn about the service.

What's New June 15, 2021

  • Federation Setup With Enterprise Identity Provider
    • With enterprise federation, enterprises can use their corporate identities and credentials and link their VMware ID (My VMware) accounts to both log in to VMware Cloud Services and manage access to services/organizations/features within VMware Cloud services. With the new enhancement, customers will get self-service experience to setup enterprise federation so that any customer can setup federation without the need of engagement with VMware, thus helping them accelerate the enterprise federation setup process.
    • Benefits of using federated identity to access VMware Cloud Services:
      • Ability to use corporate credentials with VMware Cloud Services
      • Ability to work with Enterprise AD Groups
      • Enforce Enterprise Security policies
      • Control access with Identity provider enabled Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
    • For detailed instructions on setting up federation for your domain, see What Is Enterprise Federation and How Does It Work.

What's New May 27, 2021

  • VMware Cloud Foundation Flexible Subscription
    • VMware Cloud Universal customers can now redeem a flexible VMware Cloud Foundation subscription via the VMware Cloud Console. A flexible subscription is a 1-year new subscription type that customers can redeem for VMware Cloud Foundation and later exchange for either a VMware Cloud on AWS or VMware Cloud on Dell EMC subscription. When exchanging a flexible subscription customers receive credit for the remaining value of the commitment that will be used towards a redemption of a new VMware Cloud on AWS or VMware Cloud on Dell EMC subscription which will start a new 1 year or 3 year term.

What's New May 17, 2021

  • vRealize Cloud Universal and vRealize Network Insight Cloud Available for Purchase in VMware Cloud Console
    • VMware Cloud Universal customers are now able to redeem vRealize Cloud Universal and vRealize Network Insight Cloud in the VMware Cloud Console.

What's New April 13, 2021

  • Today, we are announcing VMware Cloud™ and VMware Cloud Universal™:
    • VMware Cloud™ is the multi-cloud service for all apps across the data center, edge, and public cloud vendors. VMware Cloud enables modular, multi-cloud infrastructure, app, and management services that accelerate app modernization and cloud transformation to deliver innovation for customers faster than ever.
    • VMware Cloud Universal™ is a new flexible offering that delivers enterprise-class multi-cloud infrastructure and operations by combining compute, storage, networking, management, and modern application services with customer entitlements to flexibly deploy VMware Cloud infrastructure across private cloud, local cloud, and public cloud.
  • VMware Cloud Universal allows customers to establish a flexible commercial agreement with VMware to commit once and consume VMware Cloud offerings dynamically, as their needs evolve. The program offers three key benefits, including choice & flexibility, convertibility, and Cloud Acceleration Benefit.  For more details about the VMware Cloud Universal program, please see https://cloud.vmware.com/community/2021/03/31/introducing-vmware-cloud-universal/. 
  • VMware Cloud Universal offers the following modern infrastructure services, all accessible through the VMware Cloud Console:
    1. VMware Cloud on AWS: A fully managed VMware Cloud service running on elastic AWS bare-metal hardware available in 17 global regions. Allows customers to extend on-premises vSphere environments and access the global footprint and native services of AWS. 
    2. VMware Cloud on Dell EMC: A fully managed VMware Cloud service providing a simple, secure, and scalable VMware Cloud infrastructure for customer's on-premises datacenter and edge locations.
    3. VMware Cloud Foundation Subscription: A new subscription offering with a customer-managed hybrid cloud platform delivering integrated compute, storage, and networking infrastructure for modernizing data centers and deploying modern applications.   
  •   VMware Cloud Universal can include other features and services, including:
    1. vRealize Cloud Universal: Included with VMware Cloud Foundation Subscription, this SaaS management suite is designed to accelerate cloud evolution combining SaaS and on-premises capabilities for automation, operations, and log analytics into one license to accelerate the business transition to the cloud.
    2. VMware Tanzu Standard Edition: Included with VMware Cloud Foundation Subscription, Tanzu Standard simplifies the operation of Kubernetes for multi-cloud deployments, centralizing management and governance for many clusters and teams across on-premises, public clouds, and edge.
    3. VMware Success 360: Success 360 is a comprehensive success offering that allows customers to realize value from their investment in VMware Cloud and achieve outcomes faster. 
  • In addition to the infrastructure and management services listed above, customers can also choose to leverage VMware Cloud migration services with VMware Cloud SizerVMware HCX, and VMware vRealize Network Insight, as well as Disaster Recovery services including VMware Site Recovery and VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery.  
  • All VMware Cloud Universal features are accessible through the VMware Cloud Console at https://vmc.vmware.com.  The Console provides central visibility and control of infrastructure and operations, and includes a rich set of APIs, SDK, and CLI automation tools, all exposed through common endpoints for infrastructure and application management. The console also features the VMware Cloud Launchpad, a consolidated starting point designed to help customers learn more about the latest VMware Cloud Infrastructure services and solutions. 
  • To learn more about VMware Cloud and VMware Cloud Universal, visit http://www.vmware.com/products/cloud-universal.htmlhttps://cloud.vmware.com/community/2021/03/31/distributed-multi-cloud-era-arrived/, as well as in the Getting Started docs page at https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Cloud-services/index.html.

What's New March 31, 2021

  • vCenter Cloud Gateway updates independent of SDDC updates
    • The vCenter Cloud Gateway has now been enhanced to receive automatic updates for features and patches even if the SDDC is not updated.
  • Cloud Native Storage for Vanilla Kubernetes:
    • Cloud native storage is a capability that would provide comprehensive data management for stateful applications. Built natively into vSphere, this feature would make Kubernetes aware of how to provision storage in VMware Cloud on AWS environments on-demand in a fully automated, scalable fashion as well as provides visibility for the administrator into container volumes through vCenter. This functionality is supported for Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (multi-cloud) on VMware Cloud on AWS.

What's New March 24, 2021

New Features for VMware Cloud

  • VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery
    • Inter-region DR in VMware Cloud on AWS
      • Protect your virtual machines running in VMware Cloud on AWS across cloud regions using VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery. Deploy the DRaaS Connector on your VMware Cloud on AWS clusters to start replicating the virtual machines running there to a VMware Cloud DR instance in another VMware Cloud on AWS region. Use VMware Cloud DR's orchestrated recovery capabilities to perform DR tests and failovers in a VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC in the target region.
    • 2-host pilot light and recovery SDDCs
      • Lower your steady state DR costs by deploying an i3.metal 2-host VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC to serve as a pilot light cluster for VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery. For DR tests and failovers, scale up the pilot light SDDC into a full-sized recovery site by adding more clusters to it. After the test or failover, scale back down to the 2-host footprint by removing the additional recovery clusters.
    • New AWS regions
      • You can now protect and recover your vSphere virtual machines in the following additional AWS regions: Asia Pacific (Seoul), Europe (Stockholm), and South America (São Paulo).
    • Support for protected sites running vSphere 7.0 Update 1
      • You can now protect virtual machines in sites running vSphere 7.0 Update 1. Please refer to the VMware Product Interoperability Matrix for the latest information on interoperability of VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery with other VMware solutions.
    • Multi-instance support for increased scalability
      • Deploy multiple instances of the scale-out cloud file system and multiple recovery SDDCs in the target region to protect a large volume of virtual machine data and a large number of virtual machines. Orchestrate company-wide DR testing and failovers from a single, federated VMware Cloud DR management console spanning across all instances.
      • A HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (BAA) is available for VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery to help healthcare organizations stay in compliance while ensuring DR protection of their critical applications.
    • Enhanced replication resiliency
      • Benefit from increased resiliency of the replication process against transient network outages and temporary unavailability of the cloud file system due to cloud upgrades. The progress of a replication job is now saved periodically so that it can continue from that point onwards when the transient situation is resolved.

For more information, please see this page.

What's New January 21, 2021

New Features for VMware Cloud

  • VMware Cloud Disaster RecoveryTM
    • New region. You can now protect and recover your vSphere virtual machines to the following additional region: Asia Pacific (Tokyo).

What's New December 17, 2020 

New Features for VMware Cloud

  • VMware Cloud Disaster RecoveryTM
    • New regions: You can now protect and recover your vSphere virtual machines to the following additional regions: Europe (Ireland), Europe (Paris), and Asia Pacific (Mumbai).
    • Support for I3en hosts in Recovery SDDC: You can now provision I3en hosts in your Recovery SDDC and use them for recovery operations.
    • Support for multiple vSphere clusters in Recovery SDDC: You can now add multiple vSphere clusters to your Recovery SDDC to increase your recovery capacity.
    • Faster recovery: Failover now happens faster as virtual machines are powered on in parallel in batch sizes that scale with the number of hosts in your Recovery SDDC.
    • Use VM tags to configure protection groups: You can now define which virtual machines should be members of a protection group based on their vSphere tags. When backing up, any virtual machines with the tags you specify are dynamically associated with the protection group and included in the snapshot.
    • Preserve VM tags on Recovery: The recovery process now preserves vSphere tags on recovered VMs that were associated with those VMs on the original protected site. The tags and their associated categories must be pre-configured on the recovery SDDC for successful failover.
    • Data transfer optimizations for failback and VM restore: In situations where incremental data transfer based on snapshot data is not possible during a failback or VM restore operation, VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery now leverages the VM content that already exists on the restore destination to speed up the failback or VM restore.
    • Consistent handling of time zones in UI: All timestamps shown in the UI now display using the user’s browser time zone setting. Protection Group schedules are still based on the protected site’s time zone. When this time zone is different from the user’s browser time zone setting, the UI indicates the protected site's time zone for reference.
    • Show progress of Recovery SDDC deployment and snapshot replication: The UI now provides progress status for Recovery SDDC deployment and snapshot replication, listing all running and completed tasks associated with these operations.
    • Support for protected sites running vSphere 7.0: You can now protect virtual machines in sites running vSphere 7.0. Please refer to the VMware Product Interoperability Matrix for the latest information on interoperability of VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery with other VMware solutions.


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