You view and manage VMware Data Services Manager organizations from the Organizations view in the console.

The Organizations view includes information about each configured organization:

  • The Organization Name column identifies the name of the organization.
  • The Email column identifies the email address for the organization. VMware Data Services Manager uses this email address to generate the Root CA for the organization.
  • The VM Configuration Mode column identifies the resource configuration mode for the organization: Plans Mode or Free Mode. Sizing Database Compute Resources describes these modes in detail.
  • The Organization Type column identifies the type of organization: Provider Org or Tenant Org.

You can use the buttons on the upper-right corner of the Organizations view to filter the view, or to create an organization.

Supported Actions

Actions that you can perform on organizations include:

Action Description
Create organization Add an organization.
Update organization details Change certain details of an organization.
Manage Namespace Association Manage association of Namespaces with Organizations.
Importing Provider Administrator Users from LDAP Import and assign the users in an LDAP group the Provider Administrator role in the VMware Data Services Manager installation.
Importing Org Users from LDAP Import and assign the users in an LDAP group the Organization Administrator or Organization User role in an organization.
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