Deleting a Database removes the database and all of its data, logs, and resources from the Onboarded Cluster.

You can delete a Standalone or a Read Replica database. VMware Data Services Manager requires that you delete all associated Read Replica databases before you can delete a Primary database.

Warning: Deleting a database is a permanent operation. You cannot recover a deleted database. Be sure to take a backup of the database and save database logs before you initiate a delete operation.


Ensure that the database that you want to delete is acting in a STAND ALONE or READREPLICA role.


Perform the following procedure to delete a database:

  1. Select Databases from the left navigation pane.

    This action displays the Databases view, a table that lists the provisioned databases.

  2. Examine the databases listed in the table, identify the database that you wish to delete, and navigate to that table row.

  3. Click in the Actions column, and select Delete from the pop-up menu.

    The Delete Instance confirmation dialog displays.

    Warning: Reminder: Deleting a database is a permanent operation. You cannot recover a deleted database.
  4. If you are absolutely certain that you want to delete the database, click CONFIRM.

    VMware Data Services Manager initiates a management operation of type DELETE_DB.

  5. Monitor the progress of the operation in the Operations tab or in the Operations view:

    1. Locate the DELETE_DB operation type. The Status progress bar displays the subtasks that VMware Data Services Manager performs for the operation.
    2. Click the DELETE_DB operation type.
    3. Select the State History tab to view the subtasks of the operation and their status.
    4. If the operation fails, select the Error Info tab to examine the returned error information.
  6. When the operation successfully completes, the database is removed from the Databases view table.

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