ENI tracks the details of DHCP, DNS, and RADIUS server details, including transaction times and response rates. You have the ability to compare the performance of these servers against each other.

One of the unique features of ENI is that the system tracks the response rates for critical network services. Go to Inventory > Servers to see all of the DHCP, DNS, and RADIUS servers that ENI has detected on the network. By default, the DNS servers that are not handed out by your DHCP system is not listed. You can choose to show or hide such DNS servers.
Figure 1. DHCP, DNS, and RADIUS server
Clicking into one of the services allows you to see overall performance, but also allows you to compare individual server response times against each other by creating a Custom Set.
For example, the following screenshot shows the DNS Service Summary page, which provides an aggregated view of all the DNS servers configured for your site along with the overall performance of the DNS servers.
Figure 2. DNS Service Summary

Click a server name to view the details and performance of that server.