Any member can host an embedded JMX Manager, which provides a federated view of all MBeans for the cluster. The member can be configured to be a manager at startup or anytime during its life by invoking the appropriate API calls on the ManagementService.

You need to have a JMX Manager started in your cluster in order to use VMware GemFire management and monitoring tools such as gfsh and VMware GemFire Pulse.

To create MBeans, a Security Manager must be enabled. See Enable Security with Property Definitions for more information.

Note: Each node that acts as the JMX Manager has additional memory requirements depending on the number of resources that it is managing and monitoring. Being a JMX Manager can increase the memory footprint of any process, including locator processes. See Memory Requirements for Cached Data for more information on calculating memory overhead on your VMware GemFire processes.

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