The Greenplum Database distribution includes several PostgreSQL- and Greenplum-sourced contrib modules that you have the option to install.

Each module is typically packaged as a Greenplum Database extension. You must register these modules in each database in which you want to use it. For example, to register the dblink module in the database named testdb, use the command:

$ psql -d testdb -c 'CREATE EXTENSION dblink;'

To remove a module from a database, drop the associated extension. For example, to remove the dblink module from the testdb database:

$ psql -d testdb -c 'DROP EXTENSION dblink;'

When you drop a module extension from a database, any user-defined function that you created in the database that references functions defined in the module will no longer work. If you created any database objects that use data types defined in the module, Greenplum Database will notify you of these dependencies when you attempt to drop the module extension.

You can register the following modules in this manner:

For additional information about the modules supplied with Greenplum Database, refer to Additional Supplied Modules in the Greenplum Database Reference Guide.

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