You can configure HCX to associate a traffic group with an Uplink Network in the Multi-site Service Mesh for improved migration or workload bandwidth.

By default, VMware HCX uses the management network for all uplink traffic. By overriding the default Uplink Network for the destination site with a specific traffic group, you isolate traffic for the HCX service. By isolating network traffic in this way, you gain any performance advantage by separating the traffic and utilizing the available bandwidth of the T0 router. For example, you can isolate migration and workload traffic by creating one Service Mesh for Bulk Migration and one Service Mesh for Network Extension. Within each specific Service Mesh, you then configure a unique traffic group for the Uplink Network.


  • Each SDDC is configured with traffic groups.

  • A separate Service Mesh exists for each HCX service that is using traffic groups. For more information about creating and modifying a Service Mesh, see Creating a Service Mesh.


  1. In the HCX Cloud Manger UI, Navigate to Interconnect > Network Profile.

    The system displays the available SDDC traffic groups.

  2. Select a traffic group Network Profile, and click Edit.

    They system displays the profile information for the traffic group.

  3. Enter a logical name for the Network Profile.
  4. Under IP Pools, add a range of IP addresses and enter the network prefix.

    The HCX Manager communicates with the SDDC, updating the traffic group with an association map that includes the HCX network profile name and prefix list. At the same time, the traffic group becomes available in the Service Mesh for overriding the uplink networks at the destination site.

  5. Click Update.
  6. In the HCX Manager UI at the source site (HCX Connect), navigate to Interconnect > Service Mesh.
  7. Select the Service Mesh in which to add the traffic group, and click Edit.
  8. Step through the Service Mesh dialog until you come to Override Uplink Network profiles.
  9. Expand the list of Destination Site Uplink Network Profiles.
  10. Select the named network to associate with the traffic group for the Service Mesh, and click Continue.
  11. Step through the rest of the Service Mesh dialog, and click Finish.


The HCX services activated in the Service Mesh are configured to use the T0 gateway created by the traffic group.


Before you can delete a traffic group from an SDDC, you must either delete the HCX Service Mesh that is using the traffic group or override the Uplink Network in the Service Mesh with a different network.

What to do next

Repeat this procedure to isolate traffic and enhance bandwidth for other HCX services.