The event database stores information about events that occur in the Connection Server host or group, Horizon Agent, and Horizon Administrator, and notifies you of the number of events on the dashboard. You can examine the events in detail on the Events screen.

Note: Events are listed in the Horizon Administrator interface for a limited time period. After this time, the events are only available in the historical database tables. You can use Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle database reporting tools to examine events in the database tables. For more information, see the Horizon 7 Integration document.
Note: If the event database becomes unavailable, Horizon 7 maintains the audit trail of the events that occur during this period of unavailability and saves them to event database once it becomes available. You must restart the event database and Connection Server to view these events in the Horizon Administrator interface.

In addition to monitoring events in Horizon Administrator, you can generate Horizon 7 events in Syslog format so that the event data can be accessible to analytics software. See Generating Horizon 7 Event Log Messages in Syslog Format Using the ‑I Option and "Configure Event Logging for Syslog Servers" in the Horizon 7 Installation document.


Create and configure the event database as described in the Horizon 7 Installation document.


  1. In Horizon Administrator, select Monitoring > Events.
  2. (Optional) In the Events window, you can select the time range of the events, apply filtering to the events, and sort the listed events by one or more of the columns.