VMware App Volumes offers an alternative way to manage applications by virtualizing applications above the operating system. By using this strategy, applications, data files, settings, middleware, and configurations act as separate, layered containers.

These containers are called application stacks (AppStacks) when in read-only mode or writable volumes when in read-write mode. Administrators can use the App Volumes Manager to create AppStacks and assign application entitlements, and to deliver provisioned AppStacks to the system or to a user or group. Applications delivered by App Volumes look and feel natively installed, and they follow users across sessions and devices. Administrators can update or replace applications in real time and remove any assigned application, either immediately, while the user is still logged in, or at next login or reboot.

For more information, see the VMware App Volumes documentation, available at https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-App-Volumes/index.html.