Welcome to the VMware App Volumes documentation page. Learn how to install and use App Volumes to dynamically deliver and manage applications.

About VMware App Volumes

VMware App Volumes is a real-time application delivery system that enterprises can use to dynamically deliver and manage applications.

Applications are bundled in AppStacks and delivered by attaching a standard VMDK file to a virtual machine. You can centrally manage the applications with the App Volumes Manager, a Web-based interface that is integrated with Active Directory (AD) and vSphere. Administrators can assign, update, or remove applications at the next user login or in real time and there is no need to modify the desktops or individual applications.

Writable Volumes allow users to access their application data across sessions and devices.

Applications delivered using App Volumes look and feel natively installed and you can update or replace the applications in real time.

Hands-on Labs for App Volumes

You can access the Hands-on Labs (HOL) to try out the App Volumes product. On the Catalog page, search for App Volumes and enroll into the desired Lab. You need to have a MyVmware account to access HOL.

Information Resources for App Volumes

Using the App Volumes Documentaion

Use the TOC on the left-hand side to navigate through the product documentation and release notes for your version of App Volumes. If you are looking for the product documentation in PDF format, browse to the document you want to download and click the Download PDF icon.

App Volumes API Documentation

You can find the App Volumes APIs and the documentation on the VMware {code} site. Go to App Volumes APIs page to browse through the available REST APIs and read the API Programming Guide.