After you define Horizon 7 desktops and pools as resource types, you can assign actions to Horizon 7 desktops and pools.



  1. Log in to vRealize Automation as an administrator.
  2. Select a new Resource Action.
    vRealize Automation Version Action
    6.2.4 Select Advanced Services > Resource Actions.
    7.2.4 or later Select Design > XaaS > Resource Actions
  3. Click the Add (+) icon.
  4. On the New Resource Action - Workflow tab, navigate to Library > Horizon > Workflows > vCAC > Actions.
  5. Expand the Desktop folder, select an action, and click Next.
  6. On the Input Resource tab, click Next.
    The Resource type drop-down list displays the ViewDesktop type you imported.
  7. On the Details tab, select the Hide catalog request information page check box.
    You can also change the name of the action. For example, instead of Logoff, you might use Log off desktop.
  8. If you are importing the Recycle action or the Drop Pool action, on the Details tab, in the Type section, select the Disposal check box.
  9. On the Details tab, in the Target criteria section, for the Drop Pool action only, select Always available, and for all other actions, select the Available based on conditions radio button, and use the following settings in the drop-down lists that appear.
    List Select
    Clause Available Actions
    Operator Contains
    Value Constant, and type the appropriate value: logoff, reboot, refresh, shutdown, start, drop-pool, manage-entitlement, manage-session, recompose, manage-assignment, recycle or duplicate-pool .
    The value must be in lowercased letters.
  10. Click Next.
  11. On the Form tab, if you are importing a desktop action, click Finish, or, if you are importing a pool action, edit the vCACUser field to bind the action to a user.
    1. Click in the vCACUser text box and click the Edit (pencil) icon.
    2. In the Edit Form Field - vCACUser dialog box, click the Constraints tab.
    3. Click to expand the Value: drop-down list.
    4. Select the Field radio button and click to expand the Request Info item.
    5. Click to expand the Requested by item and select Principal ID.
    6. Click to expand the Visible: drop-down list.
    7. Select the Constant radio button and select No to hide this parameter in catalog request.
    8. Click Submit.
    9. On the Form tab, click Add.
  12. Repeat this process to add other actions.
    The action items are added to the list on the Resource Actions page, and the Status column shows that they are in draft form.
  13. On the Resource Actions page, select the action items one by one and click the Publish button above the table.

What to do next

Import the workflows that will use these actions. See Import Workflows for Desktop and Pool Management.