You can duplicate an automated desktop pool from an existing pool. When you duplicate a pool, the existing desktop pool's settings are copied into the duplicate desktop pool, allowing you to create a new pool without having to fill in each setting manually.

With this feature, you can streamline pool creation because you do not have to type every option in the wizard to add a desktop pool. You can ensure that desktop pool attributes are standardized by using the pre-filled values in the wizard.

You can duplicate automated desktop pools that contain full virtual machines, linked clones, or instant clones. You cannot duplicate manual desktop pools, or published desktop pools.

When you duplicate a desktop pool, you cannot change certain settings:

  • Desktop pool type
  • Clone type, either instant clone, linked clone, or full virtual machine
  • User assignment, either dedicated or floating
  • vCenter Server instance


  • Verify that the prerequisites for creating the original desktop pool are still valid.

    For example, for a pool that contains full virtual machines, verify that a virtual machine template was prepared.

    For a linked-clone pool, verify that a golden image virtual machine was prepared and a snapshot was taken after the virtual machine was powered off.

    When you clone a pool, you can use the same virtual machine template or golden image virtual machine, or you can select another one.

  • For prerequisites for cloning an automated, full-clone pool, see Create an Automated Pool That Contains Full Virtual Machines.
  • For prerequisites for cloning a linked-cone pool, see Create a Linked-Clone Desktop Pool in Horizon Console.
  • For prerequisites for cloning an instant-clone pool, see Create an Instant-Clone Desktop Pool.


  1. In Horizon Console, select Inventory > Desktops.
  2. Select the desktop pool that you want to duplicate and click Duplicate.
    The Duplicate Pool wizard appears.
    Note: You cannot change the settings for the desktop pool on the Type, vCenter Server, and User Assignment pages. You can modify settings on the other pages in the Duplicate Pool wizard.
  3. To uniquely identify the duplicate desktop pool, on the Desktop Pool Identification page, type a unique pool ID.
  4. On the Provisioning Settings page, provide unique names for the virtual machines.
    Option Description
    Use a naming pattern Type a virtual machine naming pattern.
    Specify names manually Provide a list of unique names for the virtual machines.
  5. Click Submit or follow the other prompts in the wizard to complete and create the pool.
    Change desktop pool settings and values as needed.


In Horizon Console, you can view the machines as they are added to the pool by selecting Inventory > Desktops.

What to do next

Entitle users to access the pool.