You can manage host managers by selecting a host manager in the Compute Resources panel on the Resources page.

When you select a host manager, the General and Accounts tab display.


The General tab displays information for a host manager.

You can perform the following actions on the General tab:

  • Update Compute Resources - Picks up any compute resource changes in the vCenter data center. Any Compute Resources that have been added or removed will be updated.
  • Remove Host Manager - Removes a VMware vCenter host manager.

You can also expand the tree for the Management vCenter and see the vCenter data center that was selected for your Management appliances as well as the Compute Resources in that vCenter data center. Expanding the tree for the desktop host manager also displays the selected vCenter data center and compute resources.


Note: You can add additional accounts so that if the first set of login credentials fails, the system will try the next set.

To add a user account:

  1. Click the Add User Account link.
  2. Enter username and password for the account.
  3. Click the Add User Account button.

To delete a user account, click the Delete button next to it in the Existing Credentials list.