You can manage appliances on the Appliances page.

The appliance screen lists all the appliances installed in the service grid: Service Provider appliances, Resource Manger appliances, and Tenant appliances.

Actions You Can Perform on Appliances

Click the Actions link to perform the following actions:

  • Restart Services
  • Reboot Appliance
  • Restore Appliance

    The restore appliance option is provided to recreate an appliance. Efforts should first be made to resolve any issues with an existing appliance before using the restore option. Any custom changes made to the appliance would be lost when the appliance is recreated. When a primary SP or tenant appliance is restored, a database backup is taken before deleting the original appliance. That backup is then restored once the appliance is recreated. Replication is automatically reinitialized.

    Note the following:
    • If you have any old versions of appliances from previous builds, be sure to delete them before performing a restore.
    • After a restore, you need to manually reconfigure any custom branding you have in place.
  • Download Logs

    Selecting the Download Logs link zips the following files:

    • desktone.log
    • slony and sys logs (where applicable)
    • netstat
    • jboss thread dump
    • system performance/top

DHCP Service for the Tenant

A DHCP helper/relay is required to deliver the DHCP requests over the VPN tunnel to the tenant network. This can be done directly on the switches to which the hosts are attached or if not possible, a small Linux appliance can be configured in the tenant to perform this function.

  1. Configure the DHCP scope for the desktop subnet, starting at x.x.x.30.
  2. Configure DHCP option code 74 (IRC Chat) to point to the two IPs allocated for the tenant appliances.

For example, if you are using a Windows server to provide DHCP service:

  1. Select control panel → administrative tools and open the DHCP configuration client.
  2. Right-click Server Options and select Configure Options from the pop-up menu.
  3. If you have defined limited address scopes, you can confine the options configuration to a particular scope. Click on the scope and right-click on Scope Options to configure the 074 option code for that scope only. Configuration is the same as for the whole DHCP server.
  4. Scroll down to the 074 option for Internet Relay Chat (IRC) and check the box.
  5. Add IP addresses for tenant appliances.