This topic describes the Desktone_DatabaseService CIM provider.

  • Description

    Specifies the details of database instances running on appliances. In the platform, appliances have one or more database instances running, as follows:

    • Service Provider appliances – Fabric Database (FDB) only
    • Tenant appliances - Fabric Database (FDB), Element Database (EDB), and App Volumes Database (AVDB)
    • Desktop Manager appliances - Element Database (EDB) and App Volumes Database (AVDB)
  • Properties
    • Name: Unique identification of the service. Set to hostName_DBInstanceName. For rollback purposes, upgrades will create a db name_version instance. You do not need to monitor the database instances that have the version appended.
    • ActiveConnections: Specifies the number of active connections to this database instance at the time of sampling/monitoring. See the calculation for Desktone_CommonDatabase using this number totaled across all database instances on a server compared to the maximum connections permitted on a single database server.