On the General Configuration page, you can make the settings described below.

  • Branding: You can add a style sheet to customize the branding of the Service Center.
  • Terms of Service: You can enter a Terms of Service URL here. If you have made a revision to these terms with the same URL, you can click the Force Reacceptance button, which updates the version of the terms causes the tenant administrator to be prompted again in the tenant UI upon next login.
  • Product Name: You can enter a product name to display in the browser title bar for the Service Center and the Administration Console.
  • Other Configuration: Clicking this link opens the Editing Service Provider page.
  • Current Role(s): The level of access that the Tenant has authorized for you: Super Admin or Read Only. The DaaS platform has a special local account to enable you to access to the tenant's Administration Console. Using this account, you can assist the tenant with initial configuration and problem solving without having an account in the tenant's Active Directory. The user name for the account is “desktone”. Obtain the password from the tenant.

By default, the account is disabled upon creation of a new tenant. The tenant can enable or disable the account from within the Administration Console at any time.