If you have a vCloud environment, you can set up a vCenter proxy for direct access.

There are three tasks required to set up a vCenter proxy for direct access: (1) configure the certificate; (2) discover the proxy host; and (3) bind proxy to vCloud. To perform the setup, follow the steps below.

  1. On the Configuration tab of the Service Center, click the link under Other Configuration.

    The Editing Service Provider page displays.

  2. Click on the Proxy Config tab.
  3. Select your Data Center from the Data Center drop-down menu.
  4. Click the Choose File button and navigate to the certificate file that has been provided.
  5. Enter password provided.
  6. If desired, select the Reload Client Certificate check box.

    It is recommended that you select this option, which updates the certificates on Resource Manager appliances at runtime. If this option is not selected, the certificates will be updated at start-up of the Resource Manager appliances.

  7. Click Upload.

    A confirmation message displays, saying that this action will replace any currently configured proxy certificate.

  8. Click OK to complete upload.

    The system saves the certificate into the database and displays a message saying that the certificate has been successfully uploaded.

    If the Reload Client Certificate check box is selected, the system also updates certificates on the Resource Manager appliances and displays an additional message confirming that.

  9. Select service grid > resources.
  10. Click Compute Resources on the left of the page.
  11. Click the Add Host Manager tab.
  12. Enter the provided IP Address/Hostname of the vCenter proxy.

    The proxy name will include an identifier matching the associated vCloud host. For example, if the vCloud host is named p14v36-vcd.vchs.vmware.com, the vCenter proxy would have a name like daas.prod.vmop.net/p14v36/.

  13. Enter the provided Username and Password.
  14. For Resource Manager, select Tenant RMGR.
  15. Click Add.
  16. Select the vCloud on the left of the page.
  17. Click the vCloud Bindings tab.
  18. Click the Assign button next to the vCenter.

The vCenter you assigned is removed from the Available vCenters list and added to the Linked vCenters list.