You can copy and paste plain text and HTML-format rich text between the client device and remote desktops and published applications. A Horizon administrator can configure this feature so that copy and paste operations are allowed only from the client system to a remote desktop or published application, or only from a remote desktop or published application to the client system, or both, or neither.

If you use HTML Access in an Internet Explorer (IE), Microsoft Edge 44, or Safari browser, you must click the Clipboard icon on the sidebar and use the Copy & Paste window to copy and paste text. See Use the Copy and Paste Window.

If you use HTML Access in a Chrome, Microsoft Edge 81 or later, or Firefox browser, a tool tip appears when you point to the Clipboard icon on the sidebar. The tool tip explains whether the clipboard feature is available. After you allow access to the clipboard, copying and pasting from the client system to a remote desktop or published application, and conversely, is the same as copying and pasting between applications on the same system. For example, you can press Ctrl+C to copy text and press Ctrl+V to paste text. When you copy and paste rich text, the following restrictions apply.
  • Image copy and paste is not supported.
  • If you copy rich text from the client device and the destination is the WordPad application, only the plain text is copied and pasted.
  • A Horizon administrator can use group policy settings to restrict clipboard formats during copy and paste operations. Because HTML Access supports transferring only text in the clipboard, only the text filters work with HTML Access. For information about clipboard format filter policy settings, see the Configuring Remote Desktop Features in Horizon document.

The clipboard can accommodate a maximum of 1 MB of data for all types of copy and paste operations. If the plain text and rich text data together use less than the maximum clipboard size amount, the formatted text is pasted. Often, the rich text cannot be truncated, so that if the text and formatting use more than the maximum clipboard size amount, the rich text is discarded, and plain text is pasted. If you are unable to paste all the formatted text you selected in one operation, you might need to copy and paste smaller amounts in each operation.

You cannot copy and paste graphics. You also cannot copy and paste files between a remote desktop and the file system on the client computer.

Note: The copy and paste feature is not supported in iOS Safari or Android devices.