When using HTML Access on a device equipped with a touchscreen, you can use touch gestures to navigate conventional user interface elements in a remote desktop or application. This article describes the gestures that you can use in native touch mode.

Using Native Touch Mode

On a desktop device, native touch mode is the only touch mode supported.

On a mobile device, native touch mode is the default mode that allows you to navigate using standard touchscreen gestures. If needed, click the touch mode icon at the top of the sidebar to toggle the icon from trackpad touch mode (trackpad icon) to native touch mode (fingertip icon).

For information about navigating on a mobile device in trackpad touch mode, see Gestures in Trackpad Touch Mode.

Gesture Help

On a mobile device, to display onscreen help on the types of touch gestures you can use, click the Open Menu toolbar button at the top of the sidebar and click Gesture Help.

Note: Gesture help is available on mobile devices only.

Soft Keyboard

To call out or close the soft keyboard, do one of the following:

  • Click the keyboard icon at the top of the sidebar.
  • Tap the screen with three fingers.


You tap to click a user interface element.

You double-tap to double-click a user interface element.

In a remote desktop, if you tap and hold for a second, a magnifying glass appears, along with a mouse pointer, for precise placement. This feature is especially helpful when you want to resize a window.


To right-click, do one of the following:

  • Tap and hold one finger on the screen.
  • Tap with two fingers at the same time.

Scrolling and Scrollbars

To scroll around a remote desktop or application, drag with one or two fingers. The content under your fingers moves in the same direction as your fingers.

To use a window scrollbar, use one finger to drag the scrollbar. The content in the window moves in the opposite direction to your finger.

Zooming In and Out

As in other apps, you can use a keyboard and press Ctrl and + to zoom in and Ctrl and - to zoom out. On a touchscreen, you can pinch two fingers apart to zoom out and pinch two fingers together to zoom in.

Window Resizing

Touch and hold one finger at the corner or side of the window and drag to resize.

For greater precision, touch and hold one finger until a magnifying glass appears, along with a mouse pointer. Position the pointer over the corner or side of the window and lift your finger off the screen. Then drag the pointer to resize the window.