This article describes how to enable direct-connection sessions to published applications on a Linux host. You must create a VADC configuration file for each published application that you want to make available for direct-connection sessions.


  • Verify that Horizon Agent is installed on the machine with the --multiple-session parameter included. For more information, see "Install Horizon Agent on a Linux Virtual Machine" and "Command-Line Options for Installing Horizon Agent for Linux" in Setting Up Linux Desktops in Horizon.
  • Verify that VADC Plug-In is installed on the machine, as described in Install View Agent Direct-Connection Plug-In. As part of the VADC Plug-In installation, verify the following:
    • The nginx package is installed on the machine.
    • User entitlements are configured for direct-connection sessions.


  1. Navigate to the /etc/vmware/vadc/published_apps folder.
    cd /etc/vmware/vadc/published_apps

    This folder contains a template file named PublishedApp.template that you can use to generate the configuration files for your published applications.

  2. Create the application configuration file by copying the PublishedApp.template file. In the example command, replace <appname> with the name of your application.
    cp PublishedApp.template <appname>

    The <appname> configuration file is created in the /etc/vmware/vadc/published_apps folder.

  3. Modify the contents of the <appname> file so that it resembles the following example.
    # The application name which should be the same with config filename
    # The executable path of application
    # Specify the params of application
    # The entitled Groups list, only users in these groups can access this application

    To configure multiple entitlement groups for the application, add the group names as colon-separated entries to the PublishedEntitledGroups line.

  4. Restart the machine for the changes to take effect.