To patch a pool of instant-clone desktops, you can use the push-image operation for a rolling patching process with zero downtime.

The image you used to create a pool is the default image. By default, all patching operations use this image to update all machines in the pool. Depending on how you want the golden image to be managed, you can change the golden image and snapshot source in your pool from vCenter to Image Catalog or reverse. For more information on the Image Management Service, see the Managing Horizon Images from the Cloud document.

You can optionally publish a secondary image, which you can use to update a subset of the machines in the pool while leaving the rest unchanged. Find out more in Selective Patching.

When you are using the default image, the workflow for the patching process is as follows:
  • Prepare a new golden image and snapshot based on the updated operating system image or applications.
  • Schedule a push-image operation with the updated golden image and snapshot. When the push-image operation starts, Horizon 8 deletes old instant-clone desktops that are unused and quickly creates new instant clones based on the new image. The new clones are ready for users to log in.
  • Old instant-clone desktops that are in-use remain undisturbed. When the user logs out, Horizon 8 deletes the old instant clone and recreates a new instant clone based on the updated image. The new instant clone is ready for the next user to log in.
  • Once all the users have logged out, Horizon 8 patches the entire pool.


  1. In Horizon Console, select Inventory > Desktops.
  2. Click the pool ID.
  3. On the Summary tab, click Maintain > Schedule.
    The Schedule Push Image window opens.
  4. On the Image step, select the snapshot to use. The default image for the pool is already selected. If the image source is Image Catalog, please select stream and marker.
    Note: If you are a VMware Carbon Black customer and select a golden image configured with Carbon Black, then the screen displays information from the Carbon Black Scan for each snapshot listed.
    • If you select the Show All Images check box, the list might include snapshots that are not compatible and cannot be selected.
    • If no value appears in the Carbon Black Scan (% Complete) column, that indicates that the Carbon Black sensor was not enabled in the Instant Clone golden image when the snapshot was taken. For more information, see the VMware Carbon Black Cloud Documentation.
  5. On the Schedule step, select the Schedule image push option.
    You can schedule the task to start immediately or sometime in the future. For clones with user sessions, you can specify whether to force the users to log out or to wait. When the users log out, Horizon 8 recreates the clones.
  6. On the Ready to Complete step, click Finish.


When you schedule this operation, publishing of the new image starts immediately. Pool update starts at the time that you specify in the Schedule Push Image wizard.