You upgrade to VMware Integrated OpenStack 4.0 by deploying a separate instance, setting up an NFS server where you back up the current deployment, reconfiguring, and migrating to the new, upgraded deployment.

About this task


You can only upgrade to VMware Integrated OpenStack 4.0 from VMware Integrated OpenStack 3.1. If you are running a version different from 3.1, you must first upgrade to that version. For more information about upgrading to 3.1, see the Upgrade to VMware Integrated OpenStack 3.0 or 3.1 procedure.

The update process requires vSphere to accommodate the existing deployment and the upgraded deployment. You must make available additional resources, datastores, IP addresses, to complete the upgrade procedure. vSphere continues to hold both deployments until you determine that the upgrade process was successful and you do not need to roll back to your previous VMware Integrated OpenStack deployment.


Upgrade only preserves customizations configured in the custom.yml file. Any changes or customizations made directly to the OpenStack deployment, such as SWIFT, are not preserved. It is responsibility of the OpenStack administrator to track such changes and re-apply them after the upgrade.


  • Download the latest VMware Integrated OpenStack 4.0 OVA from the VMware website.

  • Verify that you have matching resources for every node except the memcache and RabbitMQ nodes. See the hardware requirements in the VMware Integrated OpenStack Installation and Configuration Guide.