Use the interactive wizard to add a new node profile for your OpenStack cloud provider.


Verify that the OpenStack cloud provider you deployed is active. See Add an OpenStack Provider.


  1. Login to VMware Integrated OpenStack with Kubernetes.
  2. On the Cloud Providers home page, select an OpenStack cloud provider.
  3. On the Node Profiles tab, click +New.
  4. To customize the node profile, enter infrastructure settings.

    If you skip any setting, default values from the OpenStack provider are used. See Input Parameters for an OpenStack Provider.



    Image username

    Used to establish SSH connection with cluster nodes. This user must be able run sudo without a password. For example, the default user for Ubuntu cloud operating systems is ubuntu.

    Flavor ID

    OpenStack flavor ID.

    Internal Network ID

    Internal network ID used for nodes IPs

    Internal Subnet ID

    Subnet ID of the internal network used for allocating the IPs

    External Network ID

    External network ID used to assign floating IPs

    Configure Extra Network

    If the provider is configured for NSX-T networking, this option appears. Click to display a list of available extra networks and extra network subnets.

    • Select Regular or High-Performance.

    • From the list of extra networks found, select the network.

    Extra networks for enhanced networking services are configured with VMware Integrated OpenStack. For more information, see Expose Multiple Availability Zones for Enhanced Networking Services.

  5. Click OK.