Use the viocli restore command to restore a deployment from a backup file previously created by using the viocli create backup command.

For more information, see Restore Deployment.

The viocli restore command uses the following syntax.

viocli restore deployment {-f config-file | -i | -o} [--skip-control-plane] [-t timeout] [-v]
Parameter Mandatory or Optional Description

-f config-file or --file config-file


Runs the command using a specified configuration file.

-i or --interactive


Opens the configuration template in a text editor so that you can enter the required information interactively. After entering the information, save and quit the text editor to run the command.

-o or --out


Runs the command without prompting for confirmation.



Restores the OpenStack deployment only and does not alter the current control plane configuration.

-t timeout or --timeout timeout


Specifies the time in seconds for which viocli will display the progress of the restore operation.

If you do not include this parameter, the default value of 1800 seconds will be used.

-v or --verbose


Displays output in verbose mode.

You can also run viocli restore -h or viocli restore --help to display the parameters for the command.