Use the viocli stop command to stop services in your deployment.

The viocli stop command supports various actions to perform different tasks. The following parameters apply to all actions.

Parameter Mandatory or Optional Description

-t timeout or --timeout timeout


Specifies the time in seconds for which viocli will display the progress of the stop operation.

If you do not include this parameter, the default value of 900 seconds will be used.

-v or --verbose


Displays output in verbose mode.

To display the parameters for the command, run viocli stop -h or viocli stop --help.

Use viocli stop to perform the following actions.

viocli stop services [-t timeout] [-v]

Stops all services in your VMware Integrated OpenStack deployment.

viocli stop service <service-name> <instance-name> [-t timeout]

Stops an individual service with a specific name.