VMware Integrated OpenStack includes the viocli utility to configure and manage your deployment on the command line. To use viocli, connect to the Integrated OpenStack Manager over SSH and log in as the root user.

For NSX deployments, the nsxadmin utility is also provided to perform certain network-related operations. You must log in to a Neutron server pod to use nsxadmin. For information about nsxadmin commands, see the nsxadmin documentation.

The Kubernetes kubectl command-line utility may be required for some operations. For more information about kubectl, see the official Kubernetes documentation.

The following aliases are provided to improve user experience for operators.

Alias Kubectl Command


kubectl -n openstack


kubectl -n openstack apply


kubectl -n openstack --watch


kubectl -n openstack delete


kubectl -n openstack edit


kubectl -n openstack get


kubectl -n openstack logs

In addition, the viossh controller-node-name alias allows you to log in to a controller node.