The dashboard is a great solution to keep administrators fully informed about the system and its performance. You can even create your own dashboard to customize the information it displays.

VMware Lab Platform provides you with great flexibility in selecting the type of data your dashboards display. You can:

  • Select the dashboard you want to display

  • Put a dashboard in Edit or Full screen mode

  • Create your own dashboard

  • Select a dashboard layout

  • Move (click/drag) individual widgets within dashboard

  • Reset dashboards

Selecting a dashboard

When you click Dashboard > Default Dashboard, the system displays the default dashboard, but you can create your own dashboard. In fact, you can create multiple dashboards and select the dashboard you want to display. Click the Default Dashboard drop-down menu and select the dashboard you want to view.

Putting a dashboard in full screen or edit mode

Dashboards include the full screen option and edit mode option:

  • Use the Edit icon edit icon to put the dashboard in Edit mode.

  • Use the Maximum icon maximum icon to expand the dashboard to the full screen view.

In edit mode, you can:

  • Add a widget

  • Change the layout

  • Delete the dashboard

  • Save the dashboard

  • Closes Edit Mode