You can create a replica of a lab in one or more regions. Any changes to a lab instance are synchronized to all existing replicas of the lab. This feature is only available if your organization has multiple availability zones.

The goal of this feature is to let you deploy a lab quickly, regardless of the global region the students are in. To use the Lab Replication feature, activate the Enable template replication setting. By default, this setting is activated for all users. To deactivate this option, contact the VMware Lab Platform support team.

To create a replica of a lab template:


  1. Navigate to Lab Management > Lab Builder.
  2. Select the lab you want to replicate and click the + symbol for the Replicas option.

    The lab replica menu option.
  3. On the Replicate Lab Template form, select the regions and cloud catalogs you want to replicate to.
  4. If you want the lab template to export outside the VMware Lab Platform cloud, select Backup (Optional).

    The administrators initiating the replica receives an email with a URL to access the backup. This option is also available from the Actions menu.

    To check the progress of the task, go to Dashboards > Default Dashboard, and see the status of the replication task from the Content Migration Tasks widget.

    Figure 1. Content Migration Tasks
    View file transfer status in the Content Migration Tasks widget.

    If the widget is not visible, you can follow the instructions on how to add a widget from Working with widgets.

What to do next


Once a lab is replicated, there is no distinction between the source template and the replicated template.

To delete the replicated template, select any one of the linked labs, and click Remove from the Actions menu on the lower left.

To delete all linked labs, check the Delete Replicas checkbox.


If you choose Backup (Optional) during the replication process, then you can also Export the files from the Actions menu. Selecting this option opens a window with a list of individual files for download, and the expiration date and time.