After you have worked with your account representative to purchase VMware Live Recovery and your order is booked, you are ready to onboard to the service.

As part of the VMware Live Recovery onboarding process, you will receive two emails:
  • A Broadcom Software Delivery email, listing all the details of your purchase and helpful links with instructions. If you do not have an account with Broadcom, click the 'Broadcom support portal' link and register. From here you can view all of your entitlements with Broadcom, including downloads. If you have more than one Organization (a "tenant"), you will need to log in to the Broadcom support portal and select the Organization (tennant) that will have the subscription applied.
  • A second email welcoming you to VMware Live Recovery, where you can click the Log In button to log in to VMware Cloud Services and access the service.


  1. After you purchase VMware Live Recovery, you will receive a welcome email from Broadcom support services. If you do not have an account here, register for one as soon as possible.
    If your team only has one VMware Cloud Services Organization, then you don't need to do anything here. If you have more than one Organization, then VMware Live Recovery is placed in a state or "tenant hold" on the Broadcom Support portal. In this situation, you need to log in to the Broadcom Support portal and select which Organization to apply your subscription to. This is applicable to a new capacity purchase.
    When you log in to the Broadcom support portal, a notification will display asking you to make this choice. Once you choose an Organization, Broadcom Support sends the subscription to VMware Cloud Services console, which then enables your onboarding email for VMware Live Recovery.
  2. Next, after the subscription is applied and the tenant hold is cleared, you will see a second email from VMware Cloud Services, welcoming you to VMware Live Recovery.
    From this email, click the Log In button to log into the VMware Cloud Services console.
  3. Click the VMware Live Recovery tile to launch the service.
    Now you can set up VMware LIve Site Recovery or set up VMware Live Cyber Recovery and start using the service.