The VMware Mirage Management server requires a license. The license file enforces the number of CVDs that you can run on your system and the duration of the license agreement.

Individual VMware Mirage servers do not need licenses.

Software licenses are separate from the server installation package.

You can view the license details at any time. See Add and View Licenses.

When a license expires, all management actions are disabled. However, the administrator can still view the system status and track operation status. Mirage endpoint-related functions, including backup, restore, and image management operations continue, so that clients can still upload changes to the CVD on the server.

When a license expires, or when you install the VMware Mirage system, a dialog box appears when you open the VMware Mirage Management console, where you can type the license key. An audit event is created.

When you need a new license, contact VMware.