The Mirage deployment involves a number of components, which you must install in a specific order.


  • Verify that all hardware and software prerequisites are fulfilled.

  • Verify that you have a valid license for the system.

  • Verify that the latest version of the Mirage software is downloaded from the support site.

  • Verify that the SQL server is installed and reachable. The SQL browser service must be started to allow remote connections. Verify that firewall settings allow remote connections on the SQL server host.

  • Prepare the required database information, or install a new database instance to use with Mirage.

  • Verify that antivirus software running on the server machine excludes Mirage server folders and processes from scanning.

    • Server folders, including the Mirage storage directory folder and the local cache directory, for example, C:\ProgramData\Wanova Mirage\LocalCache.

    • Server processes, for example, Wanova.Server.Service.exe.

  • You must have dbcreator privileges to create the Mirage database in the SQL express database. If you do not have these privileges, ask the database administrator to create the database and then designate you as the database creator.