After you convert the certificate file type, you configure the Mirage server to work with SSL.


Verify that you converted the certificate to the .pfx file extension.


  1. In the MMC, expand the Certificates node, then expand the Personal node, and then select Certificates.
  2. Double-click the certificate and on the Details tab, select Subject..
    1. Note the common name (CN) of the certificate.
  3. On the Details tab, select Issuer.
    1. Note the CN of the issuer.
  4. In the Mirage Management console, expand the System and Configuration node and select Servers.
  5. Right-click the server and select Configure.
  6. Configure the server and click OK.
    1. Select the SSL option.
    2. Enter the CN of the certificate in the Certificate Subject text box.
    3. Enter the CN of the certificate issuer in the Certificate Issuer text box.