The Mirage Gateway server is a secured gateway server that is deployed outside the Mirage data center environment.

The Mirage Gateway server lets end users who have installed the Mirage client to communicate securely with the Mirage servers over the Internet without using VPN configurations.

When you set the FDQN of the Mirage Gateway server as the value for the Mirage server location, the Mirage client establishes a TLS connection with the Mirage Gateway server.

After installing the Mirage Gateway server, you can configure a Gateway server to your Mirage system by accessing the configuration web portal or by using the Mirage Management console.

You can use a load balancer to balance incoming Mirage traffic to the DMZ via Mirage Gateways to the Mirage servers. Configure a load balancer in the DMZ to balance traffic from Mirage clients to multiple Mirage Gateway servers. Each Mirage Gateway should be configured to work with a dedicated Mirage server.